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"Discussion Club " discussed the theme:' IT for Any"
There  decided to work out the project for supporting of adolescents from age 10-12 to 16,  to create a community for them and provide Civic Eucation and IT lessons  systematically

Together with local governance have provided Discussion on the Problem for creation of "Civic Consultation Center " for helping of Civic Education Development on the regional level.
NGO will solving this problem

Discussion of the Problem of Civic  Education Development on  the regional level.
Civic Education Center and IREX/IATP Gori internet Center are  involved in the process for preparation the program  for adult and young learners

Meeting with the presenters from The Ministry of Education and Science  on the theme:
Euro integration  and Georgia

08/02/ 15
 Meeting of the "Discussion Club" members on the youth problems on the regional level.
Decision: create mobile service group  for the regional secondary schools and provide Civic Education and IT learning courses for people and teachers

Discussing  the project : " The role of NGO for  civic society formation"

   Meeting of the "Discussion Club" members
for adolescents, mostly for girls  age  16 and for adult women prepare a project named "HERE WE ARE" and have sent to local governance  for supporting.

     Meeting of   the "Discussion Club" members
Taking into consideration the initiative of the group of women in 14/03/15 in connection school reforms about computerization of schools and possibilities of the association "Information and Social-Economic Problems Research Center" it was suggested to solve the problem of creation of " The CIVIC CLUBHOUSE " for adolescents, mostly for girls and women age 16 to 30 named "HERE WE ARE" and to seek for money for its functioning.

Discussion Club
At the organization have created discussion club together with the participants of the initiative group of women and  youth of Gori town. The main goals of discussions  will be  describing  problems according to youth activities for creating civic society and  spreading civic  literacy among adolescents , helping them  for mobilization their energy for interesting ideas  on  creating "The CIVIC CLUBHOUSE" for all  adolescents  of the region, communication with others from over the world and approaching step by step to globalization.

Meeting with the Israel Citizen Giorgi Ubiria
Giorgi Ubiria, which have returned in Georgia after 15 years,  has expressed desire about cooperation with us. He is a specialist of information technologies and this meeting  was important for us since we have begun to work on the project  " City Learning net" 10 European countries and  it is possible our centre will gain new function of the  Centre of  e-Learning.

International Association “Migrants and Foreign Citizens’ Rights and Security Protection Center” Representatives Conduct Seminar
" The Problems of Trafficking  Georgia"
On May 19, by initiative of NGO "Information and social-Economic Problems Research Center",  IREX/ IATP Gori Internet Center  hosted a seminar led by representatives of international association Migrants and Foreign Citizens’ Rights and Security Protection Center.” The seminar was attended by 25 representatives of local organizations; among them were NGO “Committee for Violence Protection,” association “Kartlis Deda,” NGO “Tontio,” association of physicians “REA,” and NGO “Information and Socio-Economical Research Center.” The seminar was aimed at providing information about migrants and foreign citizens’ rights and security protection. The guest speakers discussed following topics: forcible displaced Georgians from Finland and mistakes made in communication; community in Macedonia; and forming of studying groups in Shida Kartli, Georgia, the groups will participate in computer and English trainings. The representatives of local NGOs and associations found the seminar very informative especially idea about forming study groups.

03/01/14 - 03/21/14
By Suggestion of  the
International Association “Migrants and Foreign Citizens’ Rights and Security Protection Center”
is conducted the courses :
" Civic education basis"; "Internet basis" and "English language for Beginners"
for women of Gori and Gori Region
17 women from Gori and Gori region  have passed  trainings  and have received certificates

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