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A Short History of the Information and Socio-Economic Problems Research Center (ISEPRC)

We believe that formation of civil society, e-society, knowledge society  is impossible without using technical possibilities of 21 century, without  active participation of public groups, who are ready to make their personal and professional contribution to the development process.

Information and Socio-Economic Problems Research Center is founded  as a non-profit  organization on the basis  of International  Information and Communication Center (IICC) which was created  in 1997 by financial support the EURASIA  Foundation. The basic directions of the center were:
·         Free flow information;

·         Trainings and study process management of customers of Gori and Gori Region in the area of   Information and Communication Technology

·         Preparation of the basis of civic education  for creation of civil society

·         Support of civic education;

·         Elaboration of the practical aspects of Distance Learning.

In 2003, by the support of  the International  Information and Communication Center (IICC)   was created

Civic Education center  with directions:

1.  Participation in formation of civil  society
2.  Involvement of citizens in the society activities
3. Preparing of methodological and training materials for civic education;
4. Civic education and analysis of globalization process
and library
In 2000 was created IREX/IATP   Gori Internet Center with Gori University partnership
 for citizens of Gori and Gori Region with free internet and  trainings and seminars for using of ICT

IREX/IATP  Gori Internet Center
with computer class and internet
In 1999, by the support of  the “Open Society- Georgia Foundation” and the HIgher Education Support Program (HESP)   was created

Econometrics Study Center with:
Library of
econometrics and    and programme software of econometrics
At last, for the more development of  the functions of the organization, on the basis of ICIC  and  with the close partnership with Gori State University was created Information and Socio-Economic Problems Research Center (ISEPRC)  with the status of NGO  with the requisites:
·         Date  of State registration: 10/08/2000

·          Registration number #: 9/48

·         Identification code  217893206

·         The organ of register: Gori Region Court


                            Head: Ruizan Mekvabidze, professor of Management  Technology                                

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